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River Forged – Book One

Senecus needs to curb his impulse to kill.

Since becoming immortal after the destruction of the Roman Ninth Legion he’s kept his secrets. Including the bad habit of killing vile humans.
Now… he wants to be a better man. 
Senecus longs to reconnect with his Native American family yet can’t risk exposing them as shapeshifters. 
To curb his impulses… and the boredom that comes with the monotony of eternal life… he joins Michael, the Church’s top assassin, in a hunt to chase down monsters. Now battling great serpents, chasing a rogue jinn, and eliminating vampire assassins, Sen begins to realize he’s not just saving humanity… but his own tarnished soul. 
Little does he realize, his efforts to be better may just cost his partner, Jo, her life… 


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Shifting Ground – Book Two

He might have stopped his killing ways too soon.

Senecus, an immortal in Amsterdam, continues hunting serial killers, master vampires, and shape-shifting cannibals. He also trains his extended family to protect them from the darkness closing in.

Now he fears the efforts of Old and New World allies won’t be enough to defeat the deadly threats they are up against. 

The fight becomes personal when traitors in the Church contract a hit on his partner, Jo. Sen helps her escape, setting forward a chain of events that could change humanity’s future. But the situation goes from bad to worse when Sen is captured and brutally tortured by his old Roman nemesis, a master vampire.

With his life hanging in the balance, Jo must gather her strike team and lead a mission to set Sen free. Will they make it in time, or are the immortal’s days finally numbered?


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Danu Valley – Book Three

A showdown between good and evil is coming.

All those Senecus loves are in danger, and then one dear to him is kidnapped. His only hope is to use the weapons gifted to him by Odin to take out Caius, the Roman vampire, and end his reign of terror.

Odin. The oldest living Wendigo shifter. Sen’s Bigfoot mentor. The Ascended, earth’s oldest species. All will stand with him for the coming battles.

Yet his victory is short-lived as Jo is captured and turned into an empty husk with no memories. Worse yet, the weapon Sen has been wielding is slowly destroying him. Both must seek healing from ancient entities as they are retreat to the Valley with their family and allies. 

But Sen won’t remain hidden for long.

Senecus travels to the future to vanquish humankind’s foes. For that one-way trip he must die, but he’s ready to pay hell forward.



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Missing Time  – Book Four

Life is good, until an ancient evil decides to end humanity

The residents of Danu Valley enjoy their idyllic life

But the world still has monsters lurking in America and Russia.

Luckily, Senecus, Jo, and their people know how to deal with them.

Yet something is happening on the other side of the world. Something big, something ugly.

Morrigan and the fae are dealt a devastating blow on the cusp of their rebirth, as the literal Queen of Evil has re-emerged to destroy civilization. Her plans include killing Isabel on her escape from the planet.It will take everyone together to counter the threat. They must save each other to save the world. 
But how can they possibly survive a cosmic extinction-level event?



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Destiny Stones  – Book Five 

Something has gone dreadfully wrong.

Senecus is ripped from Earth and finds himself on a primitive world. A simple, boring place.
Until it is not.
He discovers a secret that unknowingly changes his fate. Others join him on his journeys. Some carry bigger secrets than his.
Eventually flung onto a violent world, he finds his old skills are necessary again. He must survive and find his way home. But it won’t be easy. And his newest companions are coming with him, changing Earth’s destiny.
Just another easy adventure in the life of an immortal.



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Senecus Chronicles: Tales from the Fisher of Time

Senecus, the Amsterdam immortal, tells incredible stories of the past present, and future

– Michael earns his reputation as the Church’s top assassin in Medieval Venice
– Senecus and history’s most successful pirate go on a wild goose chase
– Henry, the Ice Age shapeshifter, proves his mettle as a bounty hunter in the Old West
– Danu, Earth’s protector and mother of the fae, tells of her 65 million year history
– Monk adopts slant and becomes the superstar of the supercomputer world
– Jo, Isabel, and Senecus host an unlikely guest for Christmas in Amsterdam

These and other tales are told in the Senecus Chronicles.




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Boxset – Books 1-3 of the Fisher of Time series

River Forged, Shifting Ground, and Danu Valley

Senecus hunts and kills evildoers as a salve for his immortal, melancholy life.
Then he meets Michael, top assassin for the Church, and now he chases monsters.
Along the way he teams up with an Ice Age shapeshifter, Odin, the fae Morrigan, a teleporting Bigfoot, and the oldest being on Earth.
But monsters chase back, threatening him and all those he holds dear.
His American shapeshifter family, his new British mate, and close friends – all are targets.
The odds are against him but the stakes are too high to fail, even if the cost is his life.

Action, adventure, crime and slow burn combine for this fast-paced urban fantasy set in locations around the world.