Urban Fantasy Books Set in International Locations in the Past, Present, and Future

My name is Senecus. At least it is most of the time, since I’ve had to use a few aliases over the years. I’m a completely ordinary guy, with no famous or rich family, no genetics linking me to kings or wizards, nor a descendant of any dynasties. In other words, I’m not the Chosen One you run across in a lot of stories, including those that feature light sabers or dragons. 

I was just an ordinary soldier doing tedious things in an ordinary place (old Holland) until the vampires showed up. Then the good guys showed up and did something to me, but I didn’t know about that until a lot later. Then a goddess showed up to do even more to me, but it was even later that I found that out. Centuries after that, I ran into a time traveler friend on Crusade I had not met yet. Yeah, I’m still confused about that paradox. All those things happened and conspired to turn me into an immortal that survived the vampire attack that destroyed the Roman Ninth Legion.

I bummed around a lot after that and developed a knack for taking out bad guys. It was profitable because I’d take their money; funny how an awful lot of bad guys had money. Some I’d keep for myself and the rest I’d give away. It was not much of a life, but I didn’t know any better.

Things took a turn when the top assassin for the Church, Michael, walked into my life. Along with him came a brilliant research librarian, Jo, that provided quite a few twists and turns. Quickly after that, I had to come to terms with something I’d left in America two hundred years ago. I had to go back there and face my family of Native American shapeshifters. It was not easy, but that caused a series of events where I picked up a Bigfoot for an existential tutor, started doing business with Odin, met a seventy-million-year-old original Earthy now ascended to bigger things, and found a twenty-thousand-year-old Wendigo shapeshifter for a teacher. 

Book Five released April 2024

Then things got interesting. I had a daughter, who was not quite my biological daughter but kind of was, which is a long story, and finally got back with Jo, which was another long story, but then I had to leave them and go to the future to deal with a threat to humanity. My ticket for that ride was getting my head blown off. While up there, I bumped into my oldest friend from our crusading days who was living a few hundred years in the future. He was the time traveler that kept coming back into my past to save me before we had ever met. Again, I’m still confused. But we took care of the threat and eventually we both came back.

Since then, life has been easy being a husband to Jo and father to Isabel, both of whom are smarter than me. Jo can also kick my ass which is good because she is scary enough to keep people from bugging me. I spend my time on some days Doing Things, and other days it’s more about Keeping Things Going. Which means I get to dabble a lot. Lately I’ve been working on fae politics to help Morrigan revive that society. For fun I’m helping my daughter Isabel rebuild a spaceship along with my time-traveling best friend, Asif. I’m not sure that either Morrigan or Isabel really need me, but they humor me. I’m hoping that Isabel will take me joyriding out to Saturn and Jupiter when she gets the ship finished. Life is good for this ordinary guy.


The Fisher of Time series follows Senecus in Amsterdam. He happens to be immortal after an ‘incident’ when he was a Roman soldier. Now he’s meeting interesting people, monsters, gods, and finding love, and realizing life’s so much more than just living. Books: River Forged, Shifting Ground, Danu Valley, and the upcoming Missing Time

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Doug Smith, PhD, has left the corporate and academic worlds to inhabit his inner space full of twists, turns, monsters, and the fine line between magic and science. Then putting it on paper for your enjoyment.

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Senecus, an immortal from Amsterdam, tells incredible stories of the past present, and future.
– The Church’s top assassin kills in Venice
– A Dutch pirate goes on a wild goose chase
– An Ice-Age shapeshifter turns bounty hunter in the Old West
– Krampus comes for Christmas in Amsterdam

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